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Hubbard County Historical Society plans commemorative events
HCHS plans events celebrating Depression-era life, with the chance for the public to saw firewood, churn butter, and many other activities that show what life was like for the Linsley family, culminating in an old-fashioned pie and ice cream social on the lawn of the Society's museum in Park Rapids.
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Descendants of Depression Era Rural Classmates Finally Meet
Over 75 years ago, their parents attended Vokes School – a tiny one-room schoolhouse in District 13 near Park Rapids and Nevis, Minnesota. There were 15 students from 7 families in grades 1 through 12 in the class, taught by Miss Eula Edum, 19, a first-year teacher with one year of education past high school.
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Great Depression Journal: Mother Home-Schooled “Problem” Student – Later Nominated for Nobel Prize in Physics
It was the Great Depression in rural Minnesota. From her small cabin with no utilities, Martha Linsley, a certified teacher, fought school district administrators for the right to home-school her two children. Defending her gifted son, who would eventually be nominated for a Nobel Physics Prize, she was threatened with fines - and even jail time....
Full release text New Website Chronicles Minnesota Family's Life During the Great Depression
They were the victims of a mortgage scam and greedy lenders, the nation's crops were failing in record-setting heat, unemployment was soaring, the economy was in free-fall — the lame duck president was overwhelmed, but a newly-elected president was promising change. It was the early 1930s....
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More details on James, Martha, Ruth, and John
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Historical Society hosts descendants meeting
By Lori Gooch
Northwoods Press
Nevis, Minnesota
June 25, 2009
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Vokes School descendants host 'reunion'
By Jean Ruzicka
Park Rapids Enterprise
Park Rapids, Minnesota
June 17, 2009
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Dear Daddy letters give vivid picture of days gone by
By Lori Gooch
Northwoods Press
Nevis, Minnesota
February 26, 2009
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Dear Daddy Web site documents Great Depression experience
By Jean Ruzicka
Park Rapids Enterprise
Park Rapids, Minnesota
January 31, 2009
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140 Year Old Christmas Tradition Spins on in Time
By Terry Campbell
West Concord News-Enterprise
West Concord, Minnesota
December 24, 2008
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Holiday Spin: One small brass top carries the stories of many lifetimes for a Deer Park family
By Shawn Vestal
The Spokesman-Review
Spokane, Washington
December 22, 2008
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Farmhouse photo
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Cutting Wood photo
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Icicles photo
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John and Ruth photo
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Winter photo
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Caption 1: First Visit to the farm in 1931, with John, Martha, and Ruth
Caption 2: John splitting kindling & Ruth with The Mother Cat, 1932
Caption 3: The cabin in winter
Caption 4: Ruth and John with Mitzi; James had this photo color-tinted and framed for her birthday
Caption 5:Ruth in the grove in winter, with the cabin & snow-covered Model-T in the background



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